Subject Re: firebird API hangs in (1.5.1/.2/.3 RC2) but passes in 2.0
Author Zach Saw
hi dave,

I'm connecting to fb using IBPP, which is a very thin wrapper above
firebird API. Looks like it is reproducable...

The thread count is supposed to drop to 1 (starts with 1 and all
threads should terminate when they are done). They basically establish
one connection each to the DB (not sharing any connections) and
perform read / write / update over and over again. It is written in
such a way that a dead lock will never happen (i.e. each thread
operates on its own record, albeit the same table).

On my Pentium M, it almost always hangs after 10 seconds (i.e. no CPU
activity at all, while thread count is still 7). On a Celeron P4
northwood, it hangs within 2 seconds.

You can try FB2.0 or the classic server, I bet it'll pass with flying
colours :) So I can be pretty certain it is some sort of a bug.

--- In, "davidalbiston" <mail@D...>
> I ran the app on my laptop (Pentium M, Win XP SP2, FB 1.5.3). The
> thread count went up to 9 and finally dropped to 2 or 3. The first run
> caused FB to go crazy and CPU usage went to 100%.
> How are you connecting to Firebird? Using IBOConsole, I couldn't see
> any other connected user.
> Dave