Subject firebird API hangs in (1.5.1/.2/.3 RC2) but passes in 2.0
Author Zach Saw

I've tried 1.5.1 / 1.5.2 / 1.5.3 RC2 -- fbclient.dll / gds32.dll hangs
when it is accessed in a multithreaded app (each thread has its own db
connection and each thread has no knowledge of other threads). They
are connected to the same database through TCP/IP (superserver) though
-- localhost:c:\blah.fdb

I then changed my app to only run single thread, but I ran 8 of those
simultaneously. It gave the same problem. BTW, the program is simply
updating and deleting a record -- each a unique record but in the same
table -- e.g. app 1 updates record x, app 2 updates record y etc. Each
is looped a thousand times. Lockwait is true. I can publish the test
program, but I'd need some time to recreate a smaller DB for easier

Anyhow, if I install firebird v2.0, the same program (without
recompiling) passes with flying colour. Is there something in pre-v2's
API that is not thread-safe that causes it to hang when multi-app /
multi-thread is using it?

Since RC2 is waiting to be released into stable version, can someone
look into this problem so that it can be fixed prior to stable build?

Thanks in advance.