Subject Re: firebird API hangs in (1.5.1/.2/.3 RC2) but passes in 2.0
Author Zach Saw

btw, you might want to delete any files PRJ12_*. from your C:\
these are the exception logs from the threads. If you press button1
twice when the threads are not done, then you WILL run into exceptions
(i.e. 2 threads trying to post the same record). This is normal, so
make sure you press the button only once.

If you still see PRJ12_* files in your C: root after that, it is most
probably a fbclient.dll bug -- exception of some sort (personally I
haven't encountered such problem yet). The only time I had access
violation was when I enabled CodeGuard. I don't think CodeGuard likes
IBPP too much, so CG32.dll kept giving access violation. Anyway,
Memproof reported a perfectly fine application with no leaks on my part.