Subject Re: How to let client to set user name
Author Adam
Use the gsec utility.

It is defined in OpGuide.pdf from

--- In, Can Temmuz <cantemmuz@y...>
> Hello Developers,
> Before I post this my first message to the group, I
> spent quite amount of time searching the net but no
> success. Sorry if this is a -many times repeated-
> topic (since I'm quite new to FB):
> I created a simple delphi program which accesses to
> firebird DB thru the user_name that I setup using IB
> Expert. Everything works just fine, as expected. But
> I have no idea how to deploy to another machine with
> this or different user name. For example if you'd like
> to use my program how would you setup firebird
> username of your own or the one that I use? Do you
> have to have IB Expert (or else?) for just defining
> users? I tried to copy my security.fdb file to target
> machine but didn't work.
> Any clue would be greatly appreciated.
> kind regards,
> p.s. I use FB ver1.5
> can
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