Subject RE: [firebird-support] How to let client to set user name
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello Developers,
> Before I post this my first message to the group, I
> spent quite amount of time searching the net but no
> success. Sorry if this is a -many times repeated-
> topic (since I'm quite new to FB):
> I created a simple delphi program which accesses to
> firebird DB thru the user_name that I setup using IB
> Expert. Everything works just fine, as expected. But
> I have no idea how to deploy to another machine with
> this or different user name. For example if you'd like
> to use my program how would you setup firebird
> username of your own or the one that I use? Do you
> have to have IB Expert (or else?) for just defining
> users? I tried to copy my security.fdb file to target
> machine but didn't work.
> Any clue would be greatly appreciated.
> kind regards,
> p.s. I use FB ver1.5
> can
hmmm, maybe should have thought about this before now?
Anyway - here's a link to show the basic needs of adding modifying users
from an application. Your user, is it the DB owner? I suspect you have
created all manner of objects in the DB and some are SYSDBA (probsbly owner)
and many other objects have been created as the other user you created. This
isn;t a good recipe for deployment.
You need to read about roles as well.
I suggest you extract the metadata, create the db as a user which is not
sysdba, then ensure all objects are created by this user, then create a
role, then grant all on all objects to that role.
Then ensure your app logins in as that role, or manage the roles in a more
sophisticated way.