Subject RE: [firebird-support] How to let client to set user name
Author Alan McDonald
> > Any clue would be greatly appreciated.
> > kind regards,
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> > p.s. I use FB ver1.5
> > can
> hmmm, maybe should have thought about this before now?
> Anyway - here's a link to show the basic needs of adding modifying users

> from an application. Your user, is it the DB owner? I suspect you have
> created all manner of objects in the DB and some are SYSDBA
> (probsbly owner)
> and many other objects have been created as the other user you
> created. This
> isn;t a good recipe for deployment.
> You need to read about roles as well.
> I suggest you extract the metadata, create the db as a user which is not
> sysdba, then ensure all objects are created by this user, then create a
> role, then grant all on all objects to that role.
> Then ensure your app logins in as that role, or manage the roles in a more
> sophisticated way.
> Alan