Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs. MS SQL Server
Author Chris Meelhuysen
Lester Caine wrote:
> Chris Meelhuysen wrote:
>>Is there any documentation available that compares Firebird to MS SQL
>>Server. I have numberous potential clients that do not wish to move
>>from MS SQL because they already know of it. And I cannot provide them
>>anything other than old InterBase documents that compare that version of
>> InterBase with the then current version of MS SQL Server.
>>If there are not some available, who (in the know) could create such
>>documents? I do not possess enough knowledge of database systems to
>>create something that would compel someone to move toward Firebird and
>>be satisfied that it was stable, secure, etc.
> I've built up a few notes when dealing with customers, but I don't get
> much need to use them. The usual situation is that the 'users' will be
> new clients not currently on the system, so we say we are quite happy to
> work with MSSQL, THEN how much will the new client licences cost them.
> We then ask what they get for that money. After that the discussion is
> on integration rather than switching ;)
> I still have to talk to MSSQL, Oracle and other systems, but the core
> work happens in Firebird, and we are slowly moving bits and pieces from
> the 'old' systems onto the new framework.

The issue I have is our competitors us MS SQL and we use Firebird. We
will sometimes be overlooked the second they here we dont use MS SQL. I
would like to be able to show them "hey look it does everything MS SQL
does and more and better and cheaper" etc. I need some kind of feature
/ technical comparison to show them. The old interbase ones aren't
going to cut it , because then i have to not only say "well it says
interbase but really it means Firebird too." and then I have to combat
them when they say "oh thats the old MS SQL Server, the new one does it
like this" and it doesnt have the latest/greatest Firebird editions.