Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running IB and FB
Author Woody
From: "Nando Dessena" <nando@...>
> W> Is that all that should be necessary or am I missing some other
> W> things? That just seems to simple to me so I am "assuming" that I
> W> don't have the full picture here. :)
> It's simpler than that. I wouldn't bother registering funny service
> names like fbs_db and just use:
> path/to/database firebird embedded connection
> localhost/3050:path/to/database interbase TCP/IP connection
> localhost/3051:path/to/database firebird TCP/IP connection
> No need to tamper with the services file. Those days are over.

Thanks for your explanations Nando. Always a pleasure. :)

However, IBConsole still wants to use FB instead of IB. I use IBConsole for
my IB databases so I have to figure out how to get it to use one over the

Woody (TMW)