Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running IB and FB
Author Nando Dessena

W> OK, I've gotten much better at using the embedded version and
W> now I'm ready to try to expand it to use either itself or act as
W> client to an FB server.

to do that you just need to use whatever protocol except the local
one (f. ex. prepend hostname/port: to the file name).

W> However, I use IB 6 for other clients so I
W> need to run them both at the same time. I've read the release notes
W> and have been trying to get FB to use port 3051 instead of 3050. I
W> "assumed" that would normally let me use IB as the default server
W> if I didn't specify a port in the connection string. Is that
W> correct?


W> I modified the firebird.conf file and uncommented the
W> RemoteServiceName line and changed it to read:

W> RemoteServiceName = fbs_db

W> I then added an entry in the services file:

W> fbs_db TCP/3051

W> Is that all that should be necessary or am I missing some other
W> things? That just seems to simple to me so I am "assuming" that I
W> don't have the full picture here. :)

It's simpler than that. I wouldn't bother registering funny service
names like fbs_db and just use:

path/to/database firebird embedded connection
localhost/3050:path/to/database interbase TCP/IP connection
localhost/3051:path/to/database firebird TCP/IP connection

No need to tamper with the services file. Those days are over.
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