Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird on Lantastic
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:42 PM 15/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Daniel
> > I don't think this error is related to Lantastic. Unless Lantastic
> > uses TCP/IP, which I'm not sure about(since it was only about
> > resources in a peer-to-peer network and used it's own network
> > protocol). Does this client has Winsock 2.0 TCP/IP installed as a
> > protocol in Win98(not Lantastic)? And, maybe entering the
> > entry in Windows Hosts file, this file can be found somewhere(maybe
> > sub-folder) in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder.
>Apparently Lantastic does support TCP\IP now (I am no expert). I
>think theeir machines are fairly up to date, normally we get people to
>install I.E 5.5 as that updates lots of system Dlls etc. Would this
>update them to Winsock 2.0?

I'd suggest not trying to use Lantastic's TCP/IP layer (if they have it at
all - it's an extra product). Provided they have Winsock 2 installed,
there should be no problem running both (Microsoft) tcp/ip and Lantastic
connections on the same network. In upgrading to Winsock 2 (if they don't
already have it) care would have to be taken to ensure that it didn't break
e.g. an Internet gateway that they might have set up using Lantastic's
tcp/ip module.

I don't think IE installs overwrite the TCP/IP driver. If that were the
case, a browser update would potentially break other things. AFAIK, you
have to install a Winsock 2 pack.

>I have seen the Hosts file mentioned elsewhere, what should I put in
>it? Currently it has LocalHost.

That's enough for a local loopback connection. You'll need to add the IP
address of the server's NIC and make sure all clients have it in their
HOSTS file as well.

> > How does the connection string to connect to the database looks

Not valid. First, "Host" may not be a good choice of name for the TCP/IP
host. Change it to something less likely to be a reserved word: "Hunny"
or whatever you like. As long as the server and the clients have it their
HOSTS file, it will work. Hunny # TCP host for Firebird

Secondly, the file path can't be any kind of massaged drive - use the
absolute path ONLY

The connection string would be:


Do make sure that the netmask is correct for the NIC card's setup.

>Sorry if my email looks funny, I have had to reply from the web
>interface as this list does not seem to be sending me any emails yet

I checked and you aren't subscribed to the list under rob@.... If
you post from any other email UID than the one you subscribed under, your
messages just disappear into the ether.