Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird on Lantastic
Author Artur Anjos
Helen Borrie wrote:
>>Apparently Lantastic does support TCP\IP now (I am no expert). I
>>think theeir machines are fairly up to date, normally we get people to
>>install I.E 5.5 as that updates lots of system Dlls etc. Would this
>>update them to Winsock 2.0?
> I don't think IE installs overwrite the TCP/IP driver. If that were the
> case, a browser update would potentially break other things. AFAIK, you
> have to install a Winsock 2 pack.

Helen, you should know better about M$. Yes, IE update does upgrade the
winsock package. It work this way at least with ie 5 and w95. I use to
tell people to upgrade the browser just because it will be easy that to
explain how to upgrade just the winsock.