Subject Re: Firebird on Lantastic
Author chreos3
Hi Daniel
> I don't think this error is related to Lantastic. Unless Lantastic
> uses TCP/IP, which I'm not sure about(since it was only about
> resources in a peer-to-peer network and used it's own network
> protocol). Does this client has Winsock 2.0 TCP/IP installed as a
> protocol in Win98(not Lantastic)? And, maybe entering the
> entry in Windows Hosts file, this file can be found somewhere(maybe
> sub-folder) in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder.

Apparently Lantastic does support TCP\IP now (I am no expert). I
think theeir machines are fairly up to date, normally we get people to
install I.E 5.5 as that updates lots of system Dlls etc. Would this
update them to Winsock 2.0?

I have seen the Hosts file mentioned elsewhere, what should I put in
it? Currently it has LocalHost.

> How does the connection string to connect to the database looks


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