Subject Re: [firebird-support] Again problems with Firebird embedded
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Mark,

just tested on 98SE and, as expected, same access violations in
fbclient.dll like in ME.

There is a strange thing to note in both cases though. The first thing that
my application does, when launched (apart to retrieve values from the
registry), is to connect to the database (one time operation, it is
disconnected only when exiting the application), and that operation
succeeds. The second thing it does is to query the database to retrieve
some record counts from some tables, and that operation succeeds too.

Then, the application is ready and it shows its main form. All ok until

As soon as I try to press any button to do something, for example the
database update button, bang: Access violation. What happens when I press
this button? Simply the application opens some queries and shows the update
wizard form. Since the AV is in fbclient.dll, why it didn't pop up at
start-up when I have connected to the database or when I have queried the
record counts? I'd like to repeat that under Win XP all works fine, so I
don't think it's a mistake of the programmer... :-)

Hoping in some help...