Subject Re: [firebird-support] Again problems with Firebird embedded
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Mark,

> Fair enough, just some people dump ONLY the
> ls in the exe directory and expect the program
> to use them...but it typically doesn't (under
> 2K/XP flavours and I think ME) if there are
> already files with these names in the system
> folders.

today I have experimented a bit with Process Explorer while running my
application on ME and effectively what you've said is true:

- MSVCP60.DLL process was that in the application's folder, I think because
on ME it is not present, but...

- MSVCRT.DLL process was that in \WINDOWS\System folder. Anyway its version
is 6.01.8637.0 and then newer than that supplied with Firebird

At this point, what to do? Replace MSVCRT.DLL with an older version? Or is
there any way to force the application to use the dll in its folder instead
of that in the system folder?