Subject Again problems with Firebird embedded
Author Salvatore Besso

sorry to return again on this argument, but Firebird 1.5.1 embedded is
giving me a lot of troubles.

I have just finished an application written in Delphi with IBO4 and a bunch
of other component collections and I'm ready to start the beta test period.
The application works just fine under Windows XP Pro SP1 (my development

But this evening I have tried to install it under Windows ME and it's a
total nightmare. Many access violations as soon as I try to do something
with the database, and the most of them happen into fbclient.dll (the
renamed embedded dll). After three or four AV's the program completely
locks. Looking into the error log produced by the application I have
observed that the function isc_compile_request is almost always involved in
the error (it is not the absolute last function, but it is always the last
function called in fbclient.dll).

If you remember my previous thread of some months ago, at that time I
wasn't even able to start the application under ME and the final error
position was always into isc_compile_request, but the application was not
finished yet.

Now it is finished and I have to say that now the application under ME at
least starts and I can connect to the database. The error happens as soon
as I try to access something into the database.

I have deployed MSVCRT.DLL and MSVCP60.DLL taken from FB 1.5.1 Super Server
installation putting them in the same folder of the application.

I am at a real stop now and I hope, with your help, to resolve this
problem. I need to have my application work also on ME and 98, not only
2000 and XP.

I'm a bit discouraged...