Subject Jaybird Slow, InterServer Unreliable
Author Michael Shaw
We have a machine running Firebird SuperServer 1.0.3 on Windows XP and
in general the performance is good. However, under what I would
consider to be moderate loads (maybe 10 concurrent users and a total
of 20-30 connections through InterServer), InterServer seems to stop
accepting connections. When this happens, we are able to login using
IBConsole, which makes me think InterServer is the problem :-(

On the other hand, we've done some testing with the Jaybird driver and
although we're not yet sure how it might hold up under load, the
performance even when we are the only ones on is not terribly fast.
InterClient is noticeably snappier than Jaybird even when running the
client app on a 2 GHz machine and a 100Mbit connection to the DB
server and running simple selects and updates. Beyond slowness during
a session, the call to Connection.close() when using Jaybird is REALLY
slow, about 5-12 seconds. The overall performance we've seen from
Jaybird is not very acceptable for our remote users.

Is there some trick or configuration setting that I've missed? Any
general load/performance comments regarding InterServer/InterClient or