Subject Re: consistency check?
Author skotaylor
--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
<aharrison@i...> wrote:
> >ISC ERROR CODE:335544569
> >
> >Dynamic SQL Error
> >SQL error code = -204
> >internal gds software consistency check (table DISP_LEG)
> >
> >TIB_Query: "<TApplication>.frmSQL.frmQuery.qrQuery."
> >
> >What does it mean and what do I need to do to fix it?
> We're going to need more of a hint. What does the error
> log have to say around that error?

Nothing in any logs?
The only log I see is
Should I be looking someplace else?

Sorry, this happens when I try to join to tables:

crap! Syntax error, I found it, finally. Sorry to bother.
All this time I thought there was a problem with the database. :(