Subject Re: [firebird-support] Open database connections?
Author Jacqui Caren
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Riaan wrote:
>>How can I determine the amount of open database connections to a
>>Firebird server?
> It depends. What version and operating system are you using?
> If you use Classic server, just look at the number of processes started.
> On Linux, simple "pstree" command will count them for you.
> If you use Superserver, you can only query services to see users
> connected to some database. You have to repeat that for each database
> available, to get all connections. To get that info, you can use
> services API, or some of the tools that give that information, like for
> example my FBExport tool (look at signature for URL).

or netstat -nt | grep ':3050 ' | wc -l

- to count remote connections - again not foolproof (time_wait etc)
but quite simple and fast :-)