Subject Differences between dialect 1 and 3
Author newtonlistas

Today I convert a database that was build with dialect 1 and i create
a empty database with the same strcutre and same definitions of all,
but with dialect 3. and i realize a data pump, all is ok, without

But i notice something:

1: with dialect 3 the primary keys, are created index, but now are
with names more friendly, by example pk_article, and are easier of use
with the plan. Here the only difference was that use names friendly.

2: with the foreign keys, in dialect 1 it create index for them, with
names unfriendly, but create them. but with dialect 3 i can't find them.
i gues donesn't exist, and if one want them, need create explicitly.

Why now aren't created the index for foreing key?, doesn't are useful
for speedy the joins?.

Where i can find more information about the differences between
version 1 and 3?

Thank's in advance