Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: synchronize data database tables
Author Daniel Rail

At August 27, 2004, 05:36, petesouthwest wrote:

> First I have to say oh damn! Then: thanks Andy, I had quiet stupidly
> overlooked the situation you describe, where two people change the
> data on their home machines. I'm new to this sort of app and had
> convinced myself (without too much thought) it would be ok :(

> Can I get around this by having a field that corrisponded to the
> persons userid or name, and then only exporting the
> records 'belonging' to that person? That way when the new data is
> imported it wont overwrite another user's changes. Or do I need to
> do some form of date check on each record? (and therefore add a date
> field?)

I think date check field is a very good idea. Also, you'd probably
need the original export file to compare with the actual database
record to see if there was a change since the last export. And, if
there was a change, which field(s) has changed, and does those fields
match one or more fields of those changed by the user off-site. If you
have some changed fields that match(between the off-site user's data
and the server's), you'll need to do some conflict resolution,
basically which change overrides the other. And that might have to be
up to the end-user to decide, by showing them when the server data was
changed and what is the newest data.

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