Subject Firebird ODBC Driver 1.2 is now available
Author Paul Reeves
The Firebird ODBC driver development team are pleased to announce that v1.2
is now officially released. It is available for download here:

Currently a binary installer for Win32 is available, as well as a Linux
install kit for use with the unixODBC library.

Both kits contain lots of documentation, including details of what's new. In
fact, there is so much new and fixed stuff that there is no space to list it
properly here. However, the driver should now function with the wide range
of third-party software that provides ODBC connectivity.

Many thanks are due to Vladimir Tsvigun, the lead developer for the driver,
who has done much work to add the missing functionality that many 3rd party
tools expect.

Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase