Subject Re-use space
Author achiadodespammed
Hi all,

I have a db accessed from about 20 users.

About 15 user connect to database, than start a transaction and
commit or rollback, but than stay connected to db.
Other connect to db, start trans, commit or rollback and then

This users make a lot of insert in a table. Another application,
every 5 sec, connect (db1), read records, then write summary in
another db (db2) and delete records from db1.

So I have a lot of delete records in my db and I want to reuse space
becouse db is growing.

I tried to backup my db (with gc) and gfix -sweep but db continues
to grow. I do that with db online and user connected becouse I cant
stop the db, it have to be on 24/7

What tasks I have to execute to reuse space?

Thank you.
(sorry for my bad english)

Andrea Chiado' Piat
Bit Informatica srl
Torino - Italy