Subject Re: [firebird-support] w2k professional or w2k server ?
Author Lester Caine
Daniel Rail wrote:

> I would go with W2k Server, especially if it's going to be a dedicated
> server. That's my personal preference and it's also what my company

Just to contradict Daniel
I don't bother with W2k Server at all :)

Firebird will run fine on W2k Pro without any restrictions on number of
users. So a single W2kPro machine just running Firebird works well.

The decision on Server only comes in when you are look at what else you
want to do on the system, and to be quire honest, until you get into
double figures on clients, the W2k Pro machine will service file and
print requirements quite happily. IF you need more clients, THEN it may
be appropriate to add a second server for the 'windows' requirements,
but only if the single machine is hitting 100% too much.

We run 15+ clients into an Athlon2600 with 512Mb which is running
Apache2/PHP5/Firebird1.5 so provides both Web and Database services
without any additional licence costs, and response time on most things
in low seconds. When the load grows, two machine, Apache2 and PHP5 on
one, Firebird on the other, and no changes to nay software, just change
the name on the Firebird connection. Obviously either machine could be
linux - that is the customers call ;)

p.s. - If you need internet access on this network, ADSL router on
cheapest BT package and you don't have to worry about THAT on the server.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services