Subject Re: ISC error code: 335544344
Author lackonagy
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 06:35 AM 22/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >ISC error code: 335544344
> >I/O error for file "C:\Database\MyDB.gdb"
> >Error while trying to access file
> >The process cannot access the file because it is being used by
> >another process.
> >
> >I get this error message when:
> >
> >I connect to the database using IBExpert.
> >I start my app. It connects to the same DB. (so I have 2
> >At a certain point my app does:
> > DB.Disconnect;
> > DoSomethingNoBigDeal;
> > DB.Connect; <== I get the error message here.
> >
> >No matter how I change the code, I get the error at the first try
> >connect after disconnect.
> >If I restart the FireBird server everything works fine with the
> >DB and same steps.
> >
> >Any ideeas? Any help would be apreciated.
> More info would be useful, like the Firebird server and client you
> using. Are you using the embedded server, by any chance?
> Describe your setup and the connection strings you are using with
> and your application, respectively.
> Also let us know whether your database file is approaching the max.
> size allowed on your filesystem and whether the partition where the
> database file resides is near to full...
> /heLen

I'm using FireBird 1.5 + Delphi 5 + IBObjects 3.6 (old, but can't
change it)
So, I'm using an IB_Database to connect C:\Database\MyDB.gdb like:
// my app changes the FireBird user account at the beginning
DB.Database := 'C:\Database\MyDB.gdb';
DB.Username := 'MyUserName';
DB.Password := 'mypassword';
// I connect to the DB using IBExpert here, with the same params
// ('C:\Database\MyDB.gdb', 'MyUserName', 'mypassword')
Query.SQL.Text := 'select * from sometable where somecondition';
if Query.IsEmpty then
ShowMessage('something else');
//So far so good
Query.SQL.Text := 'select something from someothertable';
DB.Connect; // <== Problem here!
IBExpert connects to the same database (both the app and IBExpert
connect locally). (Note: No matter whether I connect using IBExpert
or some other program/tool, the result is the same on my app).

The database file size is 60 Mb.
I have about 1,5 Gb free space on the partition where the DB resides

Note: I have an original DB (a backup copy). At the first use I get
this error message. I restart the FireBird server, I don't get the
error message anymore (with the same DB).
If I replace the databse with the original one, the whole thing start

Thank you,