Subject Re: [firebird-support] w2k professional or w2k server ?
Author Daniel Rail

At July 21, 2004, 15:12, Sudheer Palaparambil wrote:

> Hi,

> One of my client require a small client/server
> set-up for his business(4 client and a P4 server
> with 512MB RAM). The database is going to be
> Firebird and he wants it on W2K. I don't have
> much experience with Firebird on W2K. All my
> installations are based on Linux.

> In this case, should I recommend W2k Server or
> W2k Professional? Which one is best suited for
> Firebird?

Here's my opinion, just remember your customer is the one making the
final decision.

I would go with W2k Server, especially if it's going to be a dedicated
server. That's my personal preference and it's also what my company
recommends to our customers of that size setup. This also tells the
customer that the computer is reserved for Server applications and not
to be used as a workstation. And, it also sets up the customer to be
able to scale the network beyond the 10 peer-to-peer workgroup
connections that you would find with a W2k Pro peer-to-peer only

Although, if your customer is knowledgeable and that you trust that
that customer will always make the right decision, then you can go
with W2k Pro. And, if you know that that customer will not require
more than 10 computers on the network under the same workgroup.

Basically, show the different options to your customer and show the
pros and cons, then let that customer decide. You are there to guide
them through it.

Best regards,
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