Subject Re: [firebird-support] w2k professional or w2k server ?
Author Daniel Rail

At July 22, 2004, 05:26, Lester Caine wrote:

> Just to contradict Daniel
> I don't bother with W2k Server at all :)

You just had to contradict me! :)

> Firebird will run fine on W2k Pro without any restrictions on number of
> users.

The only limitation comes from the peer-to-peer setup of the network
in general.

> So a single W2kPro machine just running Firebird works well.

No arguments from me here. Although we recommend Win2000/Win2003
Server to most of our customers, we are not the company that is
selling it to them nor installing it. That's up to their local
technicians to do(and we don't know them, unless they didn't install
Windows correctly and our customers complain to us). This saves us a
lot of travel and money, since our software is quite easy to install.

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