Subject Re: [firebird-support] Foreign keys
Author Jacqui Caren
Geert Bevin wrote:
> I'm very interested to know where you found million and one
> discussions, and if they are there maybe they indicate a real demand.

I found around 20 or so mentions relating to 'dynamic' DDL
and connections. All resulted in a "dont do it" response
which I think we can all agreed is little more than
useless as a response.

I am one of the silent minority that plan and intend to
dynamically create tables *and* triggers.

This is driven by the need to store and merge large
data sets. The meta data is held in "static" tables
with dynamic tables and triggers/SP created to
simplify merges, access, validation etc.

The need to re-establish connections is for me a
real pain in the xxxx. Telling me to "dont do that"
is in effect telling me to go buy Oracle or SS2K
which are the only other ACID databases that offer this
functionality (within limits).