Subject Re: [firebird-support] Foreign keys
Author Uwe Grauer
Geert Bevin wrote:

> > there are some real differences, here, using java for this purpose. The
> > jbird driver does not always behave as we are used to it in non java
> > connections. You are best advised to ask on the java forum for more
> > info
> > here.
> Ok.
> > there database only exists in name.. no connections can do anything to
> > it
> > other than create metadata structure.
> > I don't think that pooling is the issue here at all.
> Well I have created it beforehand, it thus exists. It just doesn't
> contain any structure, and you just validated my point. What would you
> do otherwise than creating the initial structure for it and why is the
> creation of foreign keys forcably limited in this way?
Ok, but if you can create it beforehand, why can't you create the
structur for it?
In my world of databases this would be normal, before you even try to
run an application
for the new db.