Subject Re: [firebird-support] Foreign keys
Author Geert Bevin
There are several reasons:

1. it's much easier for someone who is not proficient with databases to
have to figure out one command (create database) than to have to figure
out of to import a SQL script, find it in the distribution, use the
terminal to import it, etc etc etc. For you and me this is maybe dead
simple, but for many application users it isn't, and all they're
interested in is getting the application running as fast as possible
with the least possible effort.

2. from a development point-of-view, it's much easier when you rely on
some object-relational mappings, since you don't have to start
maintaining external SQL scripts. Everything is dictated by your object
model and the constraints placed on that.

3. using a wizard like that is just *nice* for users and they get a
very favorable impression about the application, hell even I sometimes
find it a drag to run these scripts manually if I'm just installing an
application to testdrive it.

> Ok, but if you can create it beforehand, why can't you create the
> structur for it?
> In my world of databases this would be normal, before you even try to
> run an application
> for the new db.
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