Subject Re: Connection invalid error
Author krelwyn
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> As an inveterate IBO user I can *assure* you that IBO does not
default to
> named pipes. It *does* default to the "local" connect, otherwise
known as
> IPServer, if you don't provide the Server and Protocol properties to
> connection object.

I may have spoke in error when I said named pipes. I assumed that was
the protocol used which was hitting the 10 connection limit.

> No 3rd party middle tier worth its salt should be using IPServer to
> to the database. If you don't have the source, and you can't
configure it
> yourself, you should ask the vendor to recompile it with a local
> connection.

I do have the source for the middle tier framework, I just don't like
modifying vendor code for production usage. I did make a quick fix
just for testing, setting the protocol to cpTCP_IP when a connection
is created, but I still encounter this issue. I do see multiple
connections to port 3050, so at least some parts are talking TCP. Are
there any tools or commands I could run to try and track down where
some of the "bad" connection types are coming from, or how many are