Subject Re: [firebird-support] FBUDF docs, was Re: Trigger / Month question
Author Bjoern Reimer

>> Well, is there somewhere a complete description of fbudf?
>> I've found some fragments in the release notes but in comparison to
>> ib_udf where are comments in the sql file there is hardly any
>> information for fbudf.

HB> fbudf.sql, which is in your UDF directory, includes some
HB> comments.

Well, yes, but not realy many!

HB> Actually, there are fairly comprehensive notes about the fbudf
HB> functions in the release notes for Firebird 1.0.x. It's not always obvious
HB> to people that you need the release notes to both 1.0 and 1.5 in your
HB> documentation armory...

Ok, I've checked some days ago.
There is about one page in Release Notes of Version one and some lines
in version 1.5...
But it would be much easier to add the documentation comments like in
ib_udf.sql form firebird UDF directory.

HB> Oh, and Appendix I of "The Firebird Book" has all you ever wanted to know
HB> about the functions in ib_udf, fbudf and FreeUdfLib.
Well I've ordered it, but neither amazon nor my local book shop can
deliver it till now :-)

Ok, one point I was looking for:

Release note 1.0 say for DOW and SDOW functions: "The return strings
can be localized."
My question: How?


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