Subject Re: [firebird-support] gds32 & msvcp60 DLLs
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:40 PM 11/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm using Firebird 1.5, with IBX. The IBX uses gds32.dll, which in
>turn uses msvcp60.dll. The gds32 DLL is installed in the system
>directory, while msvcp60.dll is installed in "C:\Program
>Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin". This directory is not added to the
>PATH, so when my application starts, I get the famous "Can't find
>DLL" message box about msvcp60.dll. This dll is not found because
>it's neither in my application home directory, not in any directory
>specified in the path.
>My question is:
>Should I add "C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin" to the path
>in my application's installation? This should solve the problem, but
>I'm not sure this is the right way. Maybe the Firebird installation
>should add it to the path, or maybe put this dll in the system
>directory together with the gds32.dll which uses it (which means this
>is a bug report for the Firebird developers)?

No, it's not a bug. msvcp60.dll is the Windows C++ runtime. The installer
currently doesn't install it automatically if it is missing, due to bad
experiences with existing versions of the runtime that have already been
installed by other applications. That's why it, and a compatible
msvcrt.dll, are installed in the bin directory for your convenience.

The simple thing to try initially is to copy it into your system directory.

If it (or the C runtime, msvcrt.dll) still causes problems (fairly rare,
but depends on lots of things like Windows versions and service packs,
a.k.a. "dll hell") you can download a full package of language runtimes
from Microsoft.