Subject RE: [firebird-support] security.fdb
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi.
> Im currently migrating a database from interbase 6.0 to firebird 1.5.
> I have two questions.
> First, is it posible to run firebird 1.5 ona redhat linux 7.3? Anyway
> im considering upgrading it to RH9.

yes - but try the NPTL builds

> Second, the client application I used, installed on a lot of
> computers, local and remote look for the users in the interbase user
> database. Since FB 1.5 the database is security.fdb. Now the problem
> is that I have to go to every client computer and change the isc4.gdb
> lookup (database conections control panel) for security.fdb. Is there
> a way where i can tell firebird to look for security in the old file
> instead of security.fdb?

depends what connection components you are using??

> thanks a lot
> Jose Restrepo