Subject Calculated fields in outer joins?
Author Bjoern Reimer

SELECT P."ProjDatum", P."Id", P."ProjNummer1", A."XName", P."NameWeb_D", "BetragBeantragt",
"BetragBewilligt", "Quote",
"TeileForschungskolleg", "TeileStudienkolleg", "Teile"
FULL JOIN "KM_PERSON" A ON P."RefAnsprechByStandard" = A."Id"
WHERE P."ProjDatum" LIKE '[2004%%' AND P."Id" > 0

returns "expression evaluation not supported"

P."ProjDatum" is a calculated field with CASE statement which depends
only on the current row.

If I replace the where with

WHERE P."DatumAnfangRegulaer" > '1.1.2004' AND P."Id" > 0

it works fine.

If I change the join type to left its ok.
If I change the join to right its not ok.

Ok, I can solve the problem with some lines of client code, but why
are calculated fields not allowed here?


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