Subject Error Stopping/Starting FB1.5 Classic Server
Author Olivier Mercier

Firebird 1.5 Classic Server, Windows 2000 SP4, Bi-Xeon.

Every night, i stop the Firebird Service using "instsvc stop" (to insure
there is no connection to the database), then i do a copy of the gdb file on
an another disk, then i start the service with "instsvc start", and then
backup/restore. The problem is that many times (but not always), the
firebird server is unreachable after the restart (so no backup/restore). The
service is alive and running, but when i try to connect to a gdb i have this
message in the Firebird.log:

NT-TLDURANCE Mon Jun 28 23:40:00 2004
Unable to complete network request to host "NT-TLDURANCE".
Error while listening for an incoming connection.

The only solution is to reboot the server. How can i safely restart the
service ?

Thanks by advance
Olivier Mercier
36-38 Av. Pierre Brossolette
92240 Malakoff
Tel: 01 55 58 32 00
Fax: 01 55 58 32 59