Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error Stopping/Starting FB1.5 Classic Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:26 AM 2/07/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Firebird 1.5 Classic Server, Windows 2000 SP4, Bi-Xeon.
>Every night, i stop the Firebird Service using "instsvc stop" (to insure
>there is no connection to the database), then i do a copy of the gdb file on
>an another disk, then i start the service with "instsvc start", and then
>backup/restore. The problem is that many times (but not always), the
>firebird server is unreachable after the restart (so no backup/restore). The
>service is alive and running, but when i try to connect to a gdb i have this
>message in the Firebird.log:
>NT-TLDURANCE Mon Jun 28 23:40:00 2004
> Database:
> Unable to complete network request to host "NT-TLDURANCE".
> Error while listening for an incoming connection.
>The only solution is to reboot the server. How can i safely restart the
>service ?

Each connection to Classic has its own instance of the server
process. Don't stop the service (which is the program that is listening
for connection requests). Instead, perform a database shutdown, using gfix
-shut with the -attach switch to prevent users from logging in. If you
don't know whether there are users logged in or not, use the -force switch
instead. You have to supply a timeout value in seconds. Then log out
yourself when the timeout period is finished.

That's the way to shut out all connections until you are ready to put the
database online again, using gfix -online.