Subject session lost
Author Olivier Rinaudo
Hi all,

i'm getting some strange troubles with fb1.5 client on win2K+SP4 pc :

client losing session after after queries and
log file indicate several times (5 this day) following message :

INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

it is not predictable in the time, it seems to append that after blob
read or write operation.

the server is NT4+SP3/Firebird 1.5 final
i've also tested old ib6 client and this pb not occur
clients config is :
98 and XP with old ib6 client : no problems
win2K fb1.5 : session lost

old gds.dll have been removed and instclient.exe have been installed has
indicated in readme.

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help