Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB1.5 - Installation Drives
Author Bill Zwirs
Helen and Alan

Thanks for your replies to my problem. Have met with the system
administrator and did the following:

Turned disk shadow off (it was turned on).
Checked and located gds32.dll in the windows system directory - placed there
by the FB1.5 install. Neither Interbase or Firebird has previously been
installed on this system.
Went to client machine and experienced same problem as previously reported.

The system administrator has provided me with the following details about
the system - the system is a Domain Environment that contains a dedicated
stand alone server with MS Windows 2003 Small Business Server as its
operating system. All the client machines are run by Windows XP
Professional. The database (Ace.fdb) is located on the server on S:/Ace.fdb
This drive is mapped to path //pa-hq-svr-rdc/pulbrook air/sales ace/ace

As explained previously, the application uses IBX component to attach to the
database. The database name passed to the component is obtained from a
registry entry that is placed in the registry from the application setup.
In this application connection setup dialog the user can select either Local
or Remote and the path (including .fdb) in which the database resides. If
Remote, then choice of connection type (default TCP/IP) and server name.
The database connection path is formatted into a string, dependant on the
user input, and stored in the registry. For example, if user selects local
and enters path to database then database name passed to IBX component would
simply be the path entered; if remote and TCP/IP are selected then the
database name would be 'server name:path'.

On the client machine if I setup the connection as local and path = S:\Ace
fdb I appear to get a connection although if I try to add new users (can be
done from the application when logged in as SYSDBA) I get an unable to
access services message. Also when I try to login from another client
machine the FB server seems to hang. Once the network server is rebooted I
can simply duplicate the above. If the setup is remote, TCP/IP, server name
= pa-hq-svr-rdc, path = d:\pulbrook air\sales ace\ace.fdb so the database
name passed to the IBX component is 'pa-hq-svr-rdc:d:\pulbrook air\sales
ace\ace.fdb' then I cannot get a connection.

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance


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