Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB1.5 - Installation Drives
Author Alan McDonald
> 1. Is FB1.5 compatible with MS Small Business Server 2003?

Can;t see why not - make sure disk shadow is turned off.

> 2. Firebird Quick Start Guide states that "you cannot locate
> components of the server, or any database, on a mapped drive, a
> filesystem share or a network filesystem". OK, FB1.5 Superserver has
> been installed on the network server and the network administrator
> has placed the database on a mapped drive (same disk different
> partition) for security reasons - this mapped drive (NTFS) is set up
> for all databases used by the company and their users. I believe
> that to correct this situation, the database should be moved to the
> same disk as where the database server is installed but the
> administrator doesn't want to do this. Is there another way around
> this problem? I don't normally have contact with systems bigger than
> a few computers linked together as a network so I'm totally lost
> here when it comes to proper network servers.
> thanks in advance
> Bill

Just make sure the databases are on a system drive. doesn't have to be on
the same system drive as the server installation but it has to be a system
drive on that machine.
Ignore all mappings they are irrelevant to the setup and should not be
referenced anywhere.