Subject FB1.5 - Installation Drives
Author bill_zwirs
Still having trouble accessing database on network server run with
MS Small Business Server 2003. Have following questions:

1. Is FB1.5 compatible with MS Small Business Server 2003?
2. Firebird Quick Start Guide states that "you cannot locate
components of the server, or any database, on a mapped drive, a
filesystem share or a network filesystem". OK, FB1.5 Superserver has
been installed on the network server and the network administrator
has placed the database on a mapped drive (same disk different
partition) for security reasons - this mapped drive (NTFS) is set up
for all databases used by the company and their users. I believe
that to correct this situation, the database should be moved to the
same disk as where the database server is installed but the
administrator doesn't want to do this. Is there another way around
this problem? I don't normally have contact with systems bigger than
a few computers linked together as a network so I'm totally lost
here when it comes to proper network servers.

thanks in advance