Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database model tool (UML)
Author Daniel Berstein
Hi Martin, I use CaseStudio (, quite cheaper
than Powerdesigner and the like. It's not an UML tool, but for ERD it's
quite good IMHO. I may be wrong (still have Fowlers book at my desk,
never finished reading it), but UML scratches a different itch than

As for UML I've seen an opensource one called ArgoUML
( Can't really rate it since I still just
don't get under my skin UML (funny thing that's just the same feeling
I have with Perl).

El Martes, 23 de Marzo de 2004 escribiste:

M> Hi all,
M> I hope this thread won't be OT and anyone could advise me.

M> For larger project we will need to create UML diagrams including data
M> model diagrams (however, we use FireBird as database server) and I'm
M> looking for any useful UML tool, which will be capable of importing
M> actual database structure (including metadata and descriptions) and
M> synchronize on changes (changes will be probably made in db first).

M> 1) Does anyone use such a tool with FireBird and can advise or

M> 2) does exist any (mature) database modeling tool in which I can
M> import database structure from FireBird database and export it in XML?

M> Thanks

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