Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird 1.5 + darwin/osx
Author Julien TOUCHE
John Bellardo wrote:
>> - install as non-root seems not possible:
> As the installer stands right now, this is correct. It places files
> in /Library/Frameworks and hence needs write permission there. It
> also creates the firebird user and appropriate (for CS vs. SS)
> startup configuration.
what is the difference between SS and CS ?
else for now, there is no aqua app for firebird ? so for example, i
could want put firebird lib in /opt/local/lib (/opt/local is darwinports
prefix and i would prefer avoid install outside)

>> - install as unix app instead of pkg => don't make a pkg, and have
>> a "normal" make install, and i will take care of firebird user.
> This is splitting hairs. It was my understanding that "installer" is
> included with pure darwin distributions as well as with OS X. The
> .pkg installer is first priority, as >90% of the people will use
> that.
for now, i'm working on a port for darwinports, so another way to do it :)

> Making a non .pkg installer is rather trivial using the existing
> scripts. All it would have to do is:
> 0. call pre-install/pre-upgrade script with correct parameters 1.
src/install/arch-specific/darwin/preinstall-script ?
src/install/arch-specific/darwin/install-script ?
> untar/unpax files to destination 2. untar resources directory to a
> temporary folder 3. call post-install/port-upgrade script with
> correct parameters
which files ?

is there a way to select freebsd/linux arch for creation of install script ?

>> - when installing

> That is a bug (copy/paste error) in the makefile that needs the
> following patch (committed to HEAD, but not 1.5 yet):
ok thanks