Subject firebird 1.5 + darwin/osx
Author Julien TOUCHE
i'm (also) testing compile on darwin (and make a port for darwinports)
but have a few hurddles

- install as non-root seems not possible: a way to differentiate server
with his user, and client part, which (theoritically) could be installed
with any user.

- install as unix app instead of pkg
=> don't make a pkg, and have a "normal" make install, and i will take
care of firebird user.

- when installing

installer -verbose -dumplog -pkg \
`pwd`/../gen/firebird/Firebird-SS-1.5.pkg -target /
installer[10027]: Installer Language: English
installer: Error the package path specified was invalid:
make[2]: *** [install_classic] Error 1
make[1]: *** [install] Error 2

$ ll
|grep pkg
drwx------ 3 touche touche 102 Mar 20 23:58 Firebird-CS-1.5.pkg/

what's the problem



firebird is with stock src and osx is 10.3.3 (darwin 7.3)