Subject Re: Linux Fedora Remote Connection Failure
Author ggroper
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> w
> >INET/inet_error:connect errno=111
> >Could this indicate some critical Linux comm problems.

I might be wrong, but I assumed the above error message in the
Firebird log can from Linux boot up, not from an attempted connection
from my Laptop. I tried many connection attemps and only that one
error message right before Firebird start up.

I have rebooted several times today, and it was allways added there
each time I booted, before the Firbird start up command in the log.
Sometimes I was not working with FB at all. Maybe I'm misreading this

Yes your command string is what I used,
(myserver:/opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb) sometimes with the
server name and sometimes with the actual IP address. (I believe I
read I should use the server name.)

I tried several Windows version Admin tools, DB Workbench, IB Expert
and they register a server first, then after that is successful allow
you to further register an actual database.fdb.

The connection failure occurs when trying to register a server, before
trying to connect to a database. Also, the command from the dos prompt
: telnet myserver 3050 fails and has nothing to do with a database
connection string. ( I also tried this from a Fedora shell and it
appears to work??)

> Did you use the RPM to install Firebird, or a tar?
I used RPM to Install on Fedora, which has the latest Fedora updates

I wonder if there is some basic setting wrong somewhere in the Fedora
net working set up???

Thanks for the help,