Subject Linux Fedora Remote Connection Failure
Author ggroper
I need a little help connecting to a Fedora Firebird 1.5 from a LaptopPC.

I can make a local connection and see the sample employee.fdb from the
Linux version of IBAccess. So I assume the Linux/Firebird install went OK.

From my remote Laptop, connected to a Cable Modem/ router I can ping
the linux server by name or by IP address.

When I try to connect with Widows Firebird Admin tools I get a
connection error - failed to establish a connection. Unreachable host.

When I try from a command prompt: telnet myserver 3050 I get an error
could not open connection to host.

I noticed in the firebird log file, that I get some error before
fibird starts up: INET/inet_error:connect errno=111.

I seem to have a good hosts file since my remote ping works.

The hosts.equiv has one line in it-localhost.localdomain

My Fedora box is a dual boot to win XP, on which I have a good install
of Windows Firebird, and I can connect and see all my Firebird
databases from my laptop.

Any ideas where to look next???