Subject IB_SQL and "FDB" File Extensions.
Author barfingdog2004
Hi again:

Thanks to the kind folks in this group I'm building
my first simple test Firebird database.

I'd like to use IBObjects' free IB_SQL to look at
the database I'm building, but it seems to be
looking for database files with the extension "GDB",
and ignore files with the extension of "FDB", which
Firebird's release notes recommend as an extension.

I've abandoned the effort to get Firebird server
working on my Solaris or Linux PCs, and now have it
running on the Win2K machine that is also the
development environment for this project.

I don't want to bore you all with off topic
discussion. Where do I go to ask questions about,
bitch about, and learn to love, Yahoo Groups? The
first question being, what is the reason Firebird
choose to use Yahoo groups instead of a Usenet