Subject Re: FB install questions.
Author barfingdog2004
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 01:43 AM 13/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Thanks again Helen:
> >
> > One of my biggest problems is not understanding
> >how to search this Yahoo group like I can search
> >usenet newsgroup archives with Google. I'm sure
> >you don't want to answer the same question over and
> >over again.
> Aren't you reading/posting from the news mirror? Surely this is just a
> question of using a news client with search capability.

Thanks Helen:

I was told to access this group by using this URL:

I'm using Mozilla Firebird 0.7. I guess that's
called that Firefox now. For newsgroups, I'm
using Mozilla Thunderbird. How can I use this
news mirror?

> > If I'm going client server, I decided to go with
> >the server on my Solaris PC or Linux PC.
> >
> > I usually try to install utilities from source,
> >but I decided to install from the binaries. The
> >Solaris X86 binary on Firebird's site is an old
> >build of 1.0.0, but I just need to get something
> >going.
> Sorry, you're talking to the wrong person about a platform build and
> certainly in the wrong place for a Solaris build. For this particular
> (new) thread you might get some advice from the build maintainer if you
> post a question on firebird-devel.

What is the URL? An attempt to look at
returns "There is no group called firebird-devel."