Subject Re: [firebird-support] RE: At my wits end
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Ed,

> >>you say you need to import all these records, you can't get external
> to the server in question so using whatever method you wish to use, how
> the servers in question able to see these 500-1m records if not by some
> file?
> thanks
> Alan>>
> I have been importing them with IB Workbench V 1.4.1. It has not been
> It cannot break the 1500 tps that I need either. I believe that it gets
> about 400-500 tps. So leaving it on overnight or the whole weekend has
> allowed me to get in a couple million records at a time. As a result the
> database is current and usable. It just requires a very long operation to
> get the data in.

The Workbench series is somewhat "generic" - if you want the fastest
of the fastest, try using Delphi and IBX (or another componentset).
What is your source? Use a prepared INSERT INTO statement and
bind parameters, after that, call Execute to insert a single row. This is
pretty much how Workbench is doing it, except that with Workbench
you need to map columns and so on making the process slightly slower,
although the network is the bottleneck.

If you can run the process at the server (not with external files) and you
don't mind a blocking connection, use the "local" protocol (not localhost)
to bypass the network, this will be much faster.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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