Subject Re: [firebird-support] RE: At my wits end
Author Daniel Rail

At March 13, 2004, 01:35, Epstein, Ed wrote:

> I don't mean 1.5 million insertions per second :) 500 to 700 is a little
> bit to slow for me yes.
> I only say this since the c++ programmers here who are working on another
> project have demonstrated 15000 inserts per second onto a local copy and
> 6000 to 7000 inserts per second to another database on the network.

After seeing this performance, the question should be: Is the
connection mechanism the bottle-neck? Because obviously it has been
demonstrated that it isn't the server.

Have you tried using direct API calls to GDS32.DLL or FBClient.dll?
That's probably what the C++ programmers are doing, and there's no
connection layer overhead when doing this. And, I think that is the
best way to achieve the performance that you are seeking. You can
find information on the API calls in IB's API Guide.

Here's the list of API calls that you probably would want to look at:
- isc_attach_database()
- isc_detach_database()
- isc_start_transaction()
- isc_commit_transaction()
- isc_dsql_execute_immediate() : Prepares and executes just once a
DSQL statement that does not return

But, before going the API way, find out if the ADO interface would
permit you to use the execute immediate interface. If it's not
possible with ADO, then you'll have to use the API calls.

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