Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fb/1.5 + Win2k/SP4
I can report I have been using Events in an application using BCB6 + IBX
without problems. (about to port to BCB6 + (IBO or FIB+))
Currently I have about 100 licenses sold of my application without problems
on field regarding events. All of them using FB 1.5 embedded version. :)
Of course I am using events for non-critical tasks only. :)
My development machine is a Pentium III + W2K + SP4 and my clients have any
sort of machines from WNT, W2K and WXP.
Only problem I have report is on Windows Me ( I guess Me comes from messing
;), but it is issue for other line of messages.
Jorge Cué
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Ivan Prenosil wrote:

>>The problem was with 'Events'. SP4 copy of tcpip.sys caused
>>problems with a lot of packages - which is why I'm still on
>>SP3 :)

> Events did not work on Win NT + SP4.

??? That has not been used for a long time before FB was around.

> Are you saying
> the same apply for Win 2000 + SP4?

The reported problem was with W2k and SP4 - everything was
fine with SP3. Microsoft changed some key API's, for
security reasons, and screwed up a how raft of third party

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